Vajra Yoga (Correct Approach to the Spine) consists of a gentle therapeutic sequence of physical exercises which was developed to release and prevent back pain. What distinguishes Vajra Yoga from other schools is that we do not practice twists, deep arches of the back, upside down postures and potentially dangerous activities. We work on local muscles, pumping blood and the lymphatic system. Our exercises gently elongate the spine to release blocked nervous roots.

In our classes, our instructors take complete responsibility for the health of practitioners. They explain how to deal with the spinal problems in daily life and are always available for questions which are answered at the end of the class.

We offer farm stay with daily yoga and meditation classes, accomondation in a dorm room or privet tents, simple vegetariam meals for 1000 NRP per person per day.


Situated on the territorry of organic permaculture farm 45 km from Kathmandu on the road to Tibet (Bhaktapur, Banepa direction) in the beautiful hillside of traditional nepali village.
Kavre, Panauti, Gaggle


(+977) 981 837 3887