Fair Trade Group. Nepal.

As with most of our startup projects, the dome construction work in Panauti began with promotional fliers and posters to get the word out. Simone produced the designs digitally and then we went to the best for value printhouse: Fair Trade Group Nepal. The Tibetan Handicraft and Paper, whom we wrote about before on their handmade products such as: postcards, diaries, lungta flags and other items. These items were also presented during the Nepal Fest in Russia.


The term Fair Trade is used extensively throughout the tourist areas of Nepal, with lots of signboards, banners and clothing labels using the “FT” mark. This mark means little or nothing and as such has nothing to do with the worldwide human rights defending organization. Here the Fair Trade logo and tag is just another method for attracting more clients. When traders are asked, they will all assure you that it is authentic and that they are “following all the standards”. To be sure people should check with the Fair Trade Nepal Group and look for their known logo. Booklets and fliers are also available so as the factcheck members of the group. Regularly in the year it is possible to find Fair Trade markets in Kathmandu.

The Fair Trade Group Nepal has been in existence since 1996 and today has a total of 21 member organizations, with another 21 in process of attaining their membership. The process for membership usually takes about 3 years of team, staff and company trainings with regular checkups for compliance with labor legislations.

Fair Trade membership ensures that child labour is not used in production systems and that the enterprises wages for staffs are at the official minimum subsistence level, that labour legislation and health standards are respected–important for so-called “third world” countries. Businesses joined to this label enjoy access to a world of networking and support in exporting their products abroad to more lucrative markets.


From February 15 , Blossom Project in co-operation with Nepal Fests initiative group will be working together with Trees For Relief and Dike Salute for the completion of a new organic farming school near the town of Panauti–45Km north of Kathmandu. You are welcome to help and support in any way possible.


Larissa Matteyssen

the English edition by Pat Kauba

Kathmandu, Nepal

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